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Professional wellness is a verb. It requires continued action as an investment in your people and workplace culture. Professional wellness is a proactive and thoughtful investment by future-focused companies determined to improve their team members' outlook on their occupational satisfaction.

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Research demonstrates that team members who find purpose in their work and enjoy meaningful connections with their colleagues feel more freedom to express their creative ideas, leading to increased employee engagement and satisfaction, higher retention, and productivity.

People want
work to be
more than a job


Art, movement, writing, film, and reflection cultivate values essential to a vital work culture. Qualities such as resiliency, compassion, humility, and hope nourish good people who contribute to their work and the world.

Workshop Overview


We work closely with your company to assess the needs of your workplace, and we create a customized workshop that helps you reach your objectives and outcomes.

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Participants leave the day with greater confidence, increased connection to their colleagues, and concrete tools to integrate holistic wellness and creative practice into their daily lives.

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