Your Artsy-Smart Guides

Board-certified, multi-faith chaplain Saundra Shanti, and professional dancer Sophia Diehl have collaboratively developed workshops that promote occupational wellness. By combining their expertise in visual arts, movement, and therapeutic listening, they offer an innovative approach to transforming and humanizing the workplace. This mom and daughter team brings compassion, humor, and wisdom to their co-facilitation with workplace communities

“Sophia-your insights and descriptions are spot on. Saundra-your artful insights and guidance are inspirational."

-Amanda, Workshop Participant

Saundra Shanti

Visual Artist | Facilitator

Board Certified Multi-faith Chaplain

MA Arts in Health

MA Theology

BA Art and Education


As a board certified, multi-faith Chaplain, Saundra merges art and spirituality in an imaginative process that transforms art supplies and life experience into something therapeutic and meaningful. She has engaged hospital staff, patients, corporate team members, and survivors of domestic violence in art-making to move toward holistic well-being. As a skilled, empathic listener, Shanti has created space for thousands of people to share in a way that personal narrative is compassionately received. Many have reported feeling relief and transformation as a result of such intentional conversations. She has led hundreds of groups guiding people to make meaning through making art. Shanti’s  Healing Hands exhibit is an example of how she uses the arts to humanize a workplace environment. Employees of St. Mark’s Hospital expressed feeling connected to each other and to the work they do through her transformational process. Hospital patients and visitors gained an appreciation for their caregivers.

When Shanti placed art studios in 25 break rooms, staff reported feeling valued and renewed through creative practice. Together, they made more than 350 pieces of art that were publicly displayed.

Saundra Shanti has presented multiple times at the Association of Professional Chaplains’ National Conference on how the arts can keep spiritual care relevant, progressive and meaningful in the 21st century.

Sophia Diehl

Dance Artist | Facilitator

BA Dance

BA Religion

Certified Yoga Instructor

Trauma-informed Educator


Sophia is a professional dancer and gifted choreographer who has won the attention of arts organizations and received arts grants to implement her creative process. She has facilitated creative movement workshops for youth, college students, faith communities and work teams. As an arts administrator, Sophia has worked extensively in the field of Arts in Health as Company Manager for Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater.

Early in her career, she understood how artistic practice bolsters healthy communities which led her to study with InterPlay’s Arts & Social Change and Gibney Dance Center’s Institute for Community Action. With trauma-informed awareness, Sophia facilitates experiences in which people connect with their bodies as sites of personal expression and meaning-making.