Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

Full Day Workshop-$4,500.00
This option provides the fullest experience for an embodied, artistic process which includes personal and collective reflection. All participants will conclude the day with a personal piece of art, handouts, and a toolbox of self-care practices to integrate into their daily lives. The day includes six hours of creative engagement and one hour for lunch.

Two-Hour Workshop-$2,500.00 The two-hour workshop provides 30 minutes of embodied practice and an introduction to the day's concept, followed by 90 minutes of art-making and integration.

45-Minute Creative Practice-$800.00 This option guides participants through a brief and accessible creative process, providing a pause in the busy workday. Participants will experience an introduction to wellness practices in the workplace.

Additional expenses for travel and accommodations apply to all above.

But what if we’re not artists?

You are humans who make and do stuff every day. Our goal is not to have art to hang in the Met or perform at Carnegie Hall. We move step by step through the creative process so that your team feels supported and is successful.

At one workshop Charlie, a skeptic, introduced himself by saying, “I don’t want to be here.” By the end of the day he exclaimed, “This was fabulous! I loved it.” We got you.

Can we do this by Zoom?

We can provide the 45-minute or two-hour experience virtually. However, the full-day workshop is only offered in person.

Is this art therapy?

Our creative process is restorative, inspiring, and beneficial to your company’s professional wellness. We leave diagnosing and prescribing to mental health professionals!