Workshop Overview

Gather | Explore | Create | Reflect | Integrate


Gentle Movement and Creative Practices inspire comfort and trust among participants, allowing anxiety to be acknowledged and released. Establish a culture of safety and respect.


Investigate different ideas through a curated presentation of artistic forms. Unpack intellectual themes that ignite curiousity. Substantial content expands participants' understanding of meaningful work.


Participants make their own kind of beauty by dismantling old beliefs and imagining new possiblities through movement, images, and words. Humanize the work environment through creative exploration.


Participants identify emerging insights and community values. Listening and articulation elevate understanding for the individual and the organization. Collaborative dialogue inspires new modes of problem-solving.


Consolidate the experience from the day's workshop and apply it to the workplace so that self-knowledge positively impacts the organization. Finally, we celebrate taking risks, tackling inhibitions and transforming your team!